Thursday, March 15, 2012

New (ly updated) old website

So, I've been re-thunking my website situation.  For years, I had a site through a popular software company that shall remain nameless.  By way of some glitch, I couldn't access it for about a year!  Eeek!  Now they tell me that at the end of April everything changes and I have to move everything to their new system.  Um, no thanks.

I've also had a somewhat flashier flash site that was a bit awkward to work with and, I'm told, doesn't get seen by the 'bots that scour the internet for information.  So, SEO, right out the window -- along with customer traffic.

I decided to revamp a site that I've had, but wasn't doing much with through the fine chaps at Google (where I have blogs, G+, Gmail, etc. etc. --- if they ever turn evil, I'm screwed!).  And I'm currently pretty happy with it.  I may still move some pics around and make some minor changes, but here it is.

Although my focus is still with weddings and events, I've chosen to showcase some other photographic interests of mine here as well (models, fine art, nature/wildlife, etc.etc.).

Feel free to share the site with others and let me know if you see any problems with it!  Greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Ron

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