Friday, June 29, 2012

Simplify Your Lighting |

Simplify Your Lighting |

I got a huge kick out of this passage:

"I was doing an advertising shoot," Resnick explained, "and the art director starts out by telling me that essentially they'd done the same shot last year with somebody else. I decide that I really want to light the shot with one light, and it's gonna be awesome. I'm going to go with a longer exposure and flash fill. The art director decides that the only way this can be done is with lots of lights. We get to a point where I realize this guy's got his mind set, it's a big budget at stake, there's another shoot coming up, and I know no matter what I do, unless there's a lot of lights, he's not going to be happy. So I instruct the assistants, we set up 16 heads, and I put everything on a tenth-of-a-second delay. And the art director says, 'I'm glad you're doing this because it can't be done any other way.' It's pointless to say to someone like that, 'Well, you're wrong.' I show him the image, he's thrilled, it's my kind of lighting, it works, and it's a show. If they want the show, they can have the show."

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Canon 7D Mark II as Low-End Full Frame Camera? 70D Coming as APS-C Flagship?

Canon 7D Mark II as Low-End Full Frame Camera? 70D Coming as APS-C Flagship?:

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2012 Readers Photo Contest | Popular Photography

2012 Readers Photo Contest | Popular Photography:

The Grand Prize is $1,000. Each category winner (see below) will win a $250 gift gard to B&H and a SanDisk Extreme Pro Compact Flash Card.
To Enter:
Upload your best work along with a detailed description and as much technical data as you can. The more info you provide, the better the learning opportunity the contest will be. Be sure to pick the right category.
People's Choice:
Every photo submitted will be entered in the People's Choice category. The winner will be selected from the photos with the most user votes.
All entries must be received by October 22, 2012.
Each photo entered costs $10. You can enter as many photos as you like, but obviously it pays to be selective.

Monday, June 18, 2012

My EVF Gripe(s) « « Larry's Cheap Shots Larry's Cheap Shots

My EVF Gripe(s) « « Larry's Cheap Shots Larry's Cheap Shots:

Brilliant.  If I ever goe EVIL (or ILC), I will do this if the electronic viewfinder is not up to snuff.  Does make for a bulky package however. And, with that mind (and other reasons, too), I will stick with my SLR's for now, thank you very much!

How To Transfer Prints To Wood: An Awesome Photography DIY Project

How To Transfer Prints To Wood: An Awesome Photography DIY Project:

This is awesome and I will be doing this sooner than later!  ~R

Sunday, June 17, 2012

This week's Photography Bay Reader Photos Roundup!

My shot of Megan George from last month made the top spot on this week's Photography Bay Reader Photo Roundup!  Yay!  Thank you!

Photographer~ Ron Warren
Model~ Megan George
Stylist~ Jamie Sturgill
MUA~ Sigal Levine
Royal Oak Photography Meetup Group/Amy Claeys-founder

Friday, June 15, 2012

PocketWizard® - PocketWizard Webinars

PocketWizard® - PocketWizard Webinars:

Studio Shooting with Mark Wallace

6/19/2012 1:00pm EDT

PocketWizard and One Speedlight Portrait Wonders – with Rick Sammon

Saturday, June 09, 2012

site condo gig

Did some real estate work the other night.  This lovely home is in W. Bloomfield, MI, way up by all the lakes.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Camera Mart (Pontiac, MI) DEMO DAYS!

Camera Mart (Pontiac, MI) DEMO DAYS!  June 15 (9:30 - 7) and 16 (9:30 - 5), 2012.  Deals! Prizes! Free sensor cleanings! Seminars!  And reps on hand from all the name brands.  The once a year event is just around the corner.  Don't miss it!   11 S. Telegraph (at W. Huron) in Pontiac, MI 48341.  800-536-6278

Monday, June 04, 2012