Sunday, February 12, 2012

$1 DIY tri flash bracket

($1 assuming you already have some single bracket hardware. About $19 if need to get the single bracket.)

Disappointed with your flash power or your recycle times, but already have speedlites?  One great solution is to put multiple speedlites together.  You can double or triple your power or tone down the power (but multiply by your two or three speedlites) to get the same photon power without sacrificing recycling time.

There are a number of ways you can get your flash heads together, especially if you are triggering them with radio triggers.  I've used ball bungees to strap a couple together -- boy did that contraption make me nervous.  Another way to go is one of those nifty double or triple brackets that you can buy, like this:

They start at about $60.  I wanted to get one of these and then I started to think about how simple the mechanism could be.  So off to the hardware store I went.  I purchased a 3 inch long 1/4 in./20 headless bolt for 59 cents.

Now I already had several of the Impact Umbrella Brackets: .

I slid the new bolt in front of the brass stud at the top of the bracket (you may have to loosen the screw that tightens on this stud) -- then tighten it all up.  I screwed on the CS triggers, and subsequently the flashes.  And this is what I got...

All it took was this 59 cent bolt:

I think that I will add some washers and nuts to prevent rotation on the two side triggers/flashes, but what you see here is pretty much my answer to the $60 and up tri flash bracket.  For only 59 cents to $19.  Now to add the ol' umbrella (or maybe a brolly box) and get shoot, shoot, shootin' at low power and virtually no recycle time!


Dawn & Ron said...

If you are using your flash's onboard infrared communication, just use the footer that came with the flash, or a coldshoe, instead of the receivers. Both should have 1/4 in. holes to accommodate the new bolt.

froi said...

great idea man, very cheap indeed. all that's needed is a bolt. i'm wondering what upgrade or design is needed to prevent the bolt from rotating.



Dawn & Ron said...

I find that if I tighten the whole thing down from the wingnut that holds the top stud in place, then there isn't much movement. Also the nuts and washers really tightened down help, too.