Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Review of MeridianPro.com print lab

Last week I placed my first order with MeridianPro.com, an online print lab that I found out about via an ad in Professional Photographer Magazine. I'd like to tell you about my experience.

First, I applied for an account and was promptly emailed with an account number and information on downloading their ROES software. I had a little trouble with the download, but we got there sooner than later. Then I watched a quickstart tutorial video and they made it look very easy. Which it was. I selected my folder of images, picked a sized/format and dragged in a picture. Then another size and a whole batch of images at once. The system understood that I needed 20 images at 10x10 at a quantity of 1 each.

Finalized my order and sent it off. So.... system easy to use. Price very competitive. All that was left was the quality of the prints. Can you say "suspense"!?!

Note: I meticulously edit my images and did not want them color corrected by the lab, so I turned off that feature. Hence, I can't speak to their correcting.

Yesterday, I recieved my package via Fedex. I opened the package to find...... that the prints were bright, crisp, and (nearly) perfect. Nearly? Well the prints were great but there was a slight dent in the corner of the batch but I am going to blame Fedex for that (altough MeridianPro might consider more padding in the package).

Verdict? I have myself a new lab! MeridianPro.com will be getting my future business (I've already sent another batch) unless the quality or price dramatically changes for the worst. I recommend MeridianPro.com (and no, I'm not getting any consideration for this review, but it's never too late -- hint, hint MP)....!


Ron said...

2nd batch, no dings, so.... a perfect experience! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like us. =)

Anonymous said...

Sent in my first batch yesterday. They must have made changes in the download process since 2009. No problem. Watched the video, too. Sent my order without a glitch. Can't wait to see the results.

Anonymous said...

Duane's Photo Lab is located in the same city. Duane's probably does business under other names. Do a search and check for yourself.