Thursday, March 17, 2011

gonna stray...

Going to stray from one type of art today, to another.

Heath Lowrance's book, The Bastard Hand, is now available to order!

On Amazon:

And at Barnes and :

This is Heath's debut published novel (and, ahem, I designed the cover!) and it is a terrific, pulpy story w/ a bit of a speculative edge.

Synopsis (from B&N site):
Charlie Wesley is not right in the head. He's escaped from a mental hospital up north and hitchhiked his way south, the voice of his dead brother urging him on. But when Charlie hits Memphis, the fine line between his delusions and reality shift in the form of the Reverend Phineas Childe-a preacher bent on booze and women; a Man of God with a dark agenda. Charlie is the perfect pawn in the Reverend's game of retribution. And the small North Mississippi town of Cuba Landing will be the setting for the Reverend's very personal Apocalypse. . . .

Oh, and see the youtube book trailer here (with original music by Nat Pike):

I ordered mine last night. Can't wait to re-read and get the ol' boy to sign it!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

book trailer

Just finished working with Heath Lowrance and Nat Pike on this terrific book trailer for Heath's upcoming novel, The Bastard Hand, available March 20 via New Pulp Press. Heath did the voiceover, Nat provided original music in the vein of N. Mississippi Blues, and I've got my hand in the mix a bit, too.

Now get ready to buy the book come March 20th!

book covers

So... I've had a couple recent opportunities to do photography and/or design work for book covers. I'd like to do more of it. Anybody know how one might go about approaching publishers for such a purpose? I know some houses keep someone in-house and I suppose others farm it out freelance. Any info out there?

Here's the one for Heath Lowrance's upcoming novel, The Bastard Hand (New Pulp Press, 2011 -- available March 20th!) :

The other one, I don't think I can post, yet. But I will when the time is both right and ripe.