Friday, October 18, 2013

Meet Winston -- newest employee of Ron Warren Photography

This is Winston.  We recently posted a very important position with RWP -- CEO (Canine Executive Officer).  Winston applied and he easily beat out his two similarly qualified competitors primarily by sleeping through the interview.  That really sold us.

His responsibilities are many.  First and foremost he encourages a playful approach to the daily photography, marketing for photography, and image editing of photograph.  This involves a surprising number of chew toys. I tell you this guy is an innovator!  Employee health and fitness are top priorities.  Daily (as in seven days a week) walks are to be strictly enforced (once he masters walking on a leash -- don't ask).  And he knows exactly when we've spent too much time looking at our computer monitors -- he's practically an optometrist! He is also a master at determining exactly which photographs make the cut for each assignment (if we lay a proof-sheet on the ground -- bam! -- just watch him go! Selecting, rejecting, editorializing -- this guy knows good photography!).  And when some piece of equipment needs testing, CEO Winston steps right up and models for us -- the camera loves him.

So please help us welcome Winston to the RWP family.  He'll work tirelessly to bring you quality photography at a fair price.  His salary is merely kibble, but the profit-sharing plan is very generous.


Lisa Ivory said...

That's a perfect, empathetic, imploring, 'that would be greeeaat' expression. Perfect executive material

Lisa Ivory said...

That has to be the best empathetic, inquisitive, 'that would be grreeaaat' expression!

Anonymous said...

I know you aren't supposed to hire new employees on looks alone, but I'm sure you just had to do it this one time ... too very cute!!!!