Friday, August 26, 2011

Jother Woods

Dawn and I maneuvered some of Detroit's art scene today, from MOCAD to Detroit Artist's Market to N'namdi Gallery.  N'namdi was where we met Mr. Jother Woods.

Jother Woods and his Plantation House
Jother (Joe to some) is the artist behind this very detailed display of the locales of his life growing up the son of sharecroppers in Louisiana.  There is the three room home he grew up in, a barn, a terrific southern plantation house from the area, and the project moves through time along to modern day with our superhighways and even a helicopter pad.  And all made entirely from recycled materials and a few recycled toys.

Mr. Woods was gracious enough to let me take a picture.  Be sure to stop by N'namdi Gallery (on Forest just east of Woodward, behind the chicken joint).  Odds are good that you will have a chance to speak with the artist.  The piece really comes alive when he points out details, tells you about growing up in the south, and plays a bit of a guessing game about what materials he used to turn memory into art.

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Sketch said...

Jother Woods' HOMELAND will only be at the N'namdi Gallery until September 10th, 2011