Tuesday, June 25, 2013

weddingwire, mammothbooth, et al

Had the pleasure, last night, of attending the WeddingWire happy hour vendor party at the Royal Oak Music Theatre.  Met some other vendors, got to network a bit, all is good.

Of particular note, we met the fine folks from Mammothbooth (http://www.mammothbooth.com/ ) who provide a somewhat different take on party photo booths.   For one thing, no actual booth!  An open, airy setup with room enough for several folks and you don't have to try to time your shots to the booth timer, you have a tiny remote that lets you trigger the shot when you are ready.  Also, no prints to lose when you might not be wearing a pocket.  You simply go online the next day to access your photos and download to have or share.

Clever idea and a nice way to add some fun to your event.  Keep 'em in mind while you're planning!

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