Monday, September 24, 2012

Larry Becker found a great one

Over at Larry Becker's Cheap Shots, he stumbled upon a terrific little device that rivals my earlier work-around for a tri-bracket flash.  Here is his post regarding the Impact FA-300HS Triple-Flash Hot Shoe Adapter Mount .  This thing looks awesome and I'm going to be buying one or more very soon.  Impact is B&H's house brand.  Inexpensive stuff, but reliable and trustworthy.  Cheap enough to have a few if something tanks, but strong enough that they probably won't.

In terms of physically mounting the flashes, it is not really any better than my 59 cent solution.  But where this really shines is, with the 3.5mm connector, you can trigger them all with one receiver whereas my solution required three.  So, better, sleeker, and well, just better, again.  As I say, I'll be buying somewhere between one and four of these puppies very, very soon.  Did I mention that they are just $18.95 each?

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Dawn & Ron said...

2. It was 2 of them that I ordered.