Friday, June 29, 2012

Simplify Your Lighting |

Simplify Your Lighting |

I got a huge kick out of this passage:

"I was doing an advertising shoot," Resnick explained, "and the art director starts out by telling me that essentially they'd done the same shot last year with somebody else. I decide that I really want to light the shot with one light, and it's gonna be awesome. I'm going to go with a longer exposure and flash fill. The art director decides that the only way this can be done is with lots of lights. We get to a point where I realize this guy's got his mind set, it's a big budget at stake, there's another shoot coming up, and I know no matter what I do, unless there's a lot of lights, he's not going to be happy. So I instruct the assistants, we set up 16 heads, and I put everything on a tenth-of-a-second delay. And the art director says, 'I'm glad you're doing this because it can't be done any other way.' It's pointless to say to someone like that, 'Well, you're wrong.' I show him the image, he's thrilled, it's my kind of lighting, it works, and it's a show. If they want the show, they can have the show."

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