Sunday, May 20, 2012

jet for sigma

Received this email the other day:

"Dear Sigma Enthusiast;
Thank you for submitting your photograph to the Photo Share section of the Sigma website.  We love the opportunity to see the images you have been able to create with Sigma products. We revel in the beauty, energy and captivating subject matter of your photographs and we share your enthusiasm.  We are thrilled that you have chosen our website to display your talents.
We are so excited about your willingness to share your photo and its very high quality that we have chosen it to be incorporated into product videos of photographs taken with Sigma products.  This video will  be shown on our website and is meant to demonstrate what can be accomplished with Sigma products. 
Sigma is excited to further share your work.  We hope you are as well. Thank you for your continued support and your obvious commitment to Sigma and photography. 
The Sigma Marketing Team"

So that's pretty sweet.  I believe it was this image:

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