Friday, April 13, 2012

Choosing a photographer | Amanda Joy Photography

Choosing a photographer | Amanda Joy Photography:

The blogpost above (Melissa Jill's) makes some very important, and interesting points.  One, that you should get what you really, really, really want, assuming we're not talking about a diamond-encrusted magical robot photographer from the future (because that's just being unrealistic!), and, two, that the photography IS important.  If the budget isn't simply and absolutely wrong for you, please research photographers and get the one whose work you can really respect.  And if that is Melissa Jill, book her.  If, however, it is me, book me!  Because, c'mon, Melissa is WAY out in Arizona, dontcha know.  And I'm right here in MI, ready, willing, and able to take some great pictures for you all day long on your most special wedding day!

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