Friday, October 07, 2011

my adapter arrived!

So I think I mentioned previous how my terrific mother in law picked up a bag of old film gear at a garage sale for a buck. Camera, two lenses, two flashes, a few filters, and a cool old bracket. Well, my adapter for the Sears (Pentax) 135mm f2.8 came today from Fotodiox (via Amazon, $29.95).  Adapting Pentax (or Sears) K (or PK) mount to the Canon EF mount, specifically my trusty Canon 40D.

Adapter to camera, lens to adapter and off we go.  Turns out the lens kinda rocks!

Nice creamy bokeh at f2.8, which is the only setting I'm likely to use this lens at as I have other lenses to span the focal length, but now only two that go to f2.8 or beyond (wider).

So keep your eyes to those garage sales and maybe Ebay.  You might be pleasantly and inexpensively surprised!

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